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We at Merck Millipore know the challenges that you face in the field of pharmaceutical production: increasing regulation requirements, highest quality demands, or the need for reliable supplies, but also the expiry of patents, a declining number of new APIs and the growing competition from generics. As a global manufacturer of pharmaceutical substances and excipients for pharmaceutical formulation, we constantly strive to provide answers to these challenges.

Your benefits:

Wide range of products and services for pharmaceutical formulation

Our product portfolio for formulation comprises more than 400 pharmaceutical raw materials for the production of solid, liquid and semi-solid dosage forms. Based on our extensive experience in pharmaceutical raw material production, we support you with a wide range of products and services – from development to scale-up to production. We also cooperate closely with our customers in order to supply customized products tailored to their individual requirements regarding specification, particle size, or color.

High-quality GMP production

If quality counts for you, you can count on Merck Millipore! Our products comply with the highest quality and safety standards, meeting or even exceeding current regulatory requirements. In order to make sure that our production capacity keeps pace with the growing worldwide demand, we are currently investing in an all-new, state-of-the-art production site for inorganic salts – assuring strict GMP compliance and enabling higher availability and even faster deliveries.

Innovative functionality excipients for your formulation

In today’s difficult competitive environment, pharma manufacturers are looking for more cost-effective development and production as well as for possible product line extensions, e. g. ODT formulations. Merck Millipore provides a number of innovative excipients with unique functionalities, for example our versatile Polyvinyl alcohol or Parteck® ODT, a directly compressible excipient for orally disintegrating tablets. With our Parteck® line of functionality excipients, formulators benefit from superior tabletting behaviour, improved disintegration time and accelerated API release.

EMPROVE®: Qualification and registration support

Regulatory requirements are becoming more and more demanding for excipients as well. That’s why we offer EMPROVE® – the trademark that stands for highest product quality combined with comprehensive regulatory support. Our EMPROVE® dossiers provide detailed, usage-specific documentation to speed up your qualification and registration processes.

Solutions and assistance from one competent source

With our wide range of products and services, you can easily fulfill all of your formulation requirements with one competent source – Merck Millipore. We provide comprehensive and reliable technical support as well as innovative packaging solutions specially developed for clean room use. Merck Millipore even has a special pharmaceutical technology center for processing formulation ideas submitted by our customers, improving manufacturing technology, and enhancing development work.

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